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WEDNESDAYS in Arlington


* COUNTRY WESTERN LINE DANCINGIt's fun, it's easy, it's exercise? Yes! Line dancing is a simple way to get low-impact light exercise. This is a class designed for anyone who likes to move to music. Line dances are pre-set routines that require no partner,no particular skill, no experience, and no equipment. Everyone, from teens to seniors, can participate--just line up and follow the calls.

            Start date:  Wednesdays, starting January 17, 2018

           Time:  6:30-7:45 pm

            Cost: $??

contact Arlington Community Education for registration (781) 316-3568   

INTRODUCTION TO SWING DANCING: Swing is hot again, and as fun as ever. Learn triple rhythm and basic 6-count moves, the foundation for all swing styles, including Lindy, Jitterbug, and Jive. Whether you like Big Band or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, George Strait or Dire Straits, oldies or new generation, you can swing to them all. No partner needed.


* SWING DANCE PLUSFor those comfortable with the triple step, here's your chance to add to your repertoire and improve your swing style. We'll introduce 8-count moves, including a lindy turn. Learn to become a better leader/follower. Come with a partner, or come alone. Add to your fun and get some terrific exercise!

Start date:  Wednesdays, starting January 17, 2018

           Time:  7:45-9 pm

            Cost: $??




* Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training: The goal of the RAD program is to provide realistic self-defense options—both risk reduction and physical resistance—for women. Preparation through education and training is the best way to avoid (if possible) or survive (when needed) an assault situation. Learn techniques to disable an assailant, risk avoidance methods, and empowerment through knowledge.            

Start date: January 7, 2018     

Time:       3-6 pm     

Cost:      $50


Class to be held at West Medford Community Center






"Dancing is the hidden language of the soul"-Martha Graham


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